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A new stage in evolution
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Jathemon focuses on a group of Pokemon, who were turned human in an ambitious and twisted science experiment. The transformation wasn't 100% however, and the "hybrids" retained the same powers they had, as Pokemon. The result is creating a new stage in human and Pokemon evolution, and turning the entire world upside-down.

This is not one ongoing storyline, but rather a series of "books" that each focus on a different plot. The morals all deal with anger, revenge, forgiveness, friendship and above all else, change. In appearance, in personality, in the entire world, Jathemon is constantly focused on how everything is always changing.


SO UH. I'm a graphic design student because all I know about art is that if you draw lines in shapes long enough, they turn into something coherent.

Regardless, I still love drawing and despite my horrible crippling social anxiety, I love meeting new people and making friends and forcing our ocs to interact. So, I will continue to make comics and bug people! MOE OUT.

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Cmon Ahti, ya got this! The sparkle mist will protect you :D
She is indeed!
The Alolan PokeNerd
Is the little girl the former Stufful? :0
Penny made a few very minor easter egg appearances throughout the last chapter, but she has officially been adopted by Ahti and Zero.
Author Note
That would be Zero! She's only been seen in page 5 and page 82. She has a bigger role, in Book 2.