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This is not a nice story.
Last update: 31st Oct 2019, 4:03 PM
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Dylan is haunted by ghosts he doesn't believe in. One of them is his victim - his brother. The other is a mystery. In fact, this place is full of mysteries. It seems like nothing stays dead in this town of bad weather.



spooky AND mysterious

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is there any social media i can follow you on?? this was an amazing read
A year later since the comic ended. I just finished rereading it. Thank you again for such an amazing story.
“Good Read”
Finally all caught up. Thanks for the fun ghost story. Very interesting read.
Thank-youfor creating! And I look forward to following your next creative endeavor whenever and whatever that may be.

And thanks for humoring me with those little details. I especially like the explanation for the crash. It puts the framing of that page in a context that I hadn't even considered.
good questions!

The knife - when they were younger, Jerry caused Dylan to crash his bike and left him there. Dylan used the knife to cut himself up to make himself seem more injured for sympathy. I replaced it with different excerpts of their childhood because I didn't want to venture into self-harm.

Cail's eyes/the roses - Cail was originally a much bigger part of the story, playing essentially Vic's role, so his eyes were scratched out to suggest he was going to be important... but then he wasn't. I decided to leave him as a red herring in this version. He's the funeral girl's boyfriend and she told him to keep an eye on Dylan, she gives Cail roses and sometimes he drops them. It would have been quickly explained but due to a cock-up where I started following the wrong thumbnails, that page got omitted. This is one of the things that nags me most about the story, it was set up, didn't really go anywhere, and then I just forgot to close it

Suit and young Dylan - it's malachy, I know he shouldn't be in a suit when dylan was that young but Dylan's recalling his presence more than anything so putting a dude in a suit behind him made it clear it was 'suit jerry'. I think it's the first(?) panel that suggests malachy's been there a long time.

What crashed - I don't know, Chris is just clumsy and I wanted to interrupt Corey at that point

Jerry's sun sketch - just another instance of the sun mosaic being important and also real because it's something Jerry also saw I guess

No, Dylan just suggested Chris study the hospital because he knew it got shut down

Thank you very much for reading and theorising. Glad you enjoyed!