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Webcomic profile: Random Art
Random Art
A webcomic
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 12th Feb 2015, 3:21 PM
Number of comics: 30
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Most recent comments left on Random Art

12th Feb 2015
This is how far I'd gotten on page 8 of the dojo flashback before changing my mind and going back to the soccer flashback.
Left on Issue 01-Red Page 08 Out Take
28th Jan 2015
I'll have to upload the unedited Soccer flashbacks after I finish uploading the new soccer flashback! =D
Left on Issue 01-Red Page 07 Out Take
man in black
28th Jan 2015
man in black
I remember the soccer flashback
Left on Issue 01-Red Page 07 Out Take
27th Jan 2015
I made this page following the one before it. It wasn't till after I inked the next page that I decided to go back to the soccer flashback idea. As I thought it introduced all characters much better and brought a lot more world building.

Those not in the know: the soccer flashback was made 1st. Then I changed my story and added Feng. So I made up the dojo flashback.
I liked the soccer flashback better so I went back and edited the finished pages to include Feng.
Left on Issue 01-Red Page 07 Out Take
22nd Jan 2015
This is an image I had for page 6 that I just recently removed due to wanting to go a different way with the story.

Here is my original comment

Well hi there!
For starters I'm going to try to go to 1 update a week for now. Every Wednesday. Till things get a bit more routine/normal around here and I get through holidays.

So if you missed my messages from the previous update I had a LOT go down that prevented me from finishing my next page on time.

1st I had a PC issue and had to get a new power supply and reinstall windows.
Then I had a baby. His name is Samuel Archer Paul Taylor and was born on 11-14-13

But he was premature so they had to fly him to NICU and that was pretty scary. But he's finally home now and he's perfectly healthy. You can read more about that and see pictures of him here

While reinstalling everything I decided to go ahead and upgrade to Manga Studio 5 EX and PhotoShop CS6.

But I also lost a lot of my preset brushes and stuff so I'm having to remake them. In short I am really unhappy with this page. Especially considering how long it took me to get it to you guys. But there are some cameos here too!

Who do we have on this page?
Jocelyn from Bad Vibes
Ben from Tales of the Unpredictable Chaos
Jax's dad from Comet Kid
Cassandra and Caitlin from Twenty Four Seven
Celes from Parasite Galaxy
Left on Issue 01-Red Page 06 Out Take