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Joe has an Eldritch Creature stuck in his subconscious. He needs to get rid of it as soon as possible or else he'll go insane! (If he hasn't already)

Join him in his wacky adventures where he fights all kinds of weird creatures and villains.


I want to make comics that are fun to read!

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Welcome back!
Octopus Ink
Maybe the little dude can't/doesn't fully trust Joe, but Joe's a helluva lot more trustworthy than some gooey demon-thing he just met!
Octopus Ink
La maison est un pi├Ęge!
Octopus Ink
Look out! The creeper is creepin'!
Gotta say, though - that was kind of an over-the-top reaction to a couple of guys calling him on his own bullshit.
Now he's paying for it by being a demon's footstool.
Werll, THAT was pretty damn unexpected!