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Webcomic profile: Joshua Rocketberg: Lab Rat
Joshua Rocketberg: Lab Rat
A title-explanatory webcomic updated Sun/Tue/Fri
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Language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 24th Feb 2013, 8:11 PM
Number of comics: 36
Number of subscribers: 1
Visitors: 24801 visitors (91243 pages viewed)
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Webcomic description

Joshua Rocketberg: Lab Rat is about a kid who ends up in a laboratory program run by kids his age and is developing things that are at least twenty years ahead of their times -- all without any type of parental supervision. Unfortunately, their little group is threatened by both the outside world and the adult scientists in it, as well as another secret group whom will stop at nothing to expose the truth about this organization. And the worst part is that Joshua is in the middle of it all. Lab Rat combines science, fantasy, and reality in one funny, awkward, crazy package.


I'm a teenager who has drawn comics for most of my life. I started doing webcomics in March 2011, and have enjoyed it ever since

Most recent comments left on Joshua Rocketberg: Lab Rat

24th Feb 2013
Here's the Issue 2 Cover for JRLR. It looks better without the border from the Issue 1 Cover. While it may say April 10th in the corner, you won't have to wait until then to see JRLR 04, which starts Tuesday.
Left on Issue 2 Cover
5th Feb 2013
Another summary page because I am a lazy butthole. Unlike last time, this is the actual end of the chapter, and we're moving into the second part of Issue 2 on Saturday, after I post the cover.

You might be asking here "Wait, how are we in Issue 2 now?" Well, I divided this story (from the start) into 'issues', similar to actual comic book issues. At the start of this comic, I thought the issues were going to be pretty long, maybe 64 or 96 pages. But when I searched up that comic book issues (in the US, at least) are only 32 pages, well, then I had to rework things.

And that is why you will see filler in the JRLR issue PDFs (which could be coming pretty soon...).

Anyways, the Issue 2 cover Thursday, then we start off 04 with two pages this weekend.

Left on 03.14: In The End
3rd Feb 2013
So, now we find out that "Chad" is actually Conner. But who is Conner? Another cheap ending page will reveal that on Tuesday.

Also, we're finally back here at Joshua Rocketberg: Lab Rat, and hopefully the updating of this comic won't end up like today's Passing Period, which has been back since Friday.
Left on 03.13: The Bombshell Shocker You Won't Believe
10th Nov 2012
Hopefully, you know how that title reads.

Stunning revelations tomorrow, then we wrap it up on Tuesday before our brand new chapter starts Thursday.
Left on 03.12: Aww, Widdle Chad Is Scawed
1st Nov 2012
Not so tough now, ah Chad?

Yup, JRLR is indeed back, finally finishing the 03. storyline. More Suddenly-Helpless Chad on the weekend, but until then, there's this.
Left on 03.11: Not Expecting That