Juda Fist: 7 Deaths Of The Yobi
Get down,or lay down.
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Violent Content Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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Inspired by Hip Hop Culture,Hong Kong and Blaxplotation cinema this gritty Sci-Fi story follows AMARU JONES a Mercenary and Alien Biocyberneic Weapon who wakes up in the year 2065 to a world far different than 2001.Aclaimating himself to this new environment Jones discovers that he is the last livng relative to 3 young kids.

Struggling to keep them safe and raise them right Amaru, joins a crew who take on jobs which others would think twice about. What he doesn't know is that his old enemies are still around and want to finish what they started. Their plot forces Amaru to juggle life as an Uncle and doing what he knows intimately, killing. His decision will have consequences for the entire world.


I am a comicbook creator/screenwriter who has worked hard to get good enough to put out something worth a damn.I love writing and reading all sorts of things.Most of my art until now has been done professionally for the pen and paper RPG market.I am beyond excited to move into comics.

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Juda Fist is definitely Afrofuturistic. Its like cyberpunk with out he punk but replaced with hip hop, soul culture
Panda Cop
Lol 52 blocks, its nice you incorporated that into the comic. You dont hear about it much. I only know about it because i tried to look up every martial art that exists.
She practices this street fighting technique called " 52 Blocks".

Firefly Jelly
Looking sharp as always!
What are the metal squares on the backs of Red's gloves?
I drew this too is to a joint by a local Detroit Group called Platinum Pied Pipers. THey did it with Detroit Legend Jay Dee. Is as high energy and hardcore as Cobra Red herself.


You can listen to Platinum Pied Pipers "Shotgun" here.
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