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Junk Ship
New caretaker of a boarding house at the craziest School in the world. what could possibly go wrong?
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Junk was 40 year old slacker mooching off his family, that is until his rich uncle forced him into becoming the caretaker of Boarding House Zero. the downside? It’s at Nekketsu Academy – world famous for its unexplained (and almost always deathly) crazy daily occurrences. but hey, what’s the worst that can go wrong?


Andeh Pinkard | DOB: 01/17/1980
Likes: Boobs and beer
Does: comics and art with[b] boobs and booze.[/b]

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They're totally inspired by them i won't deny it lol
lol damn them pebbles!
This fits every definition of 'situational escalation' - damn you, easily tripped-upon pebbles!
for a second i thought it might be vegan police :)
And that's a wrap! so what'd you think? I just really wanted to get back to my roots and write a crazy and fun comic that wasn't just for mature readers but still ecchi enough to keep me entertained lol
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