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Naruto: Jutsu and Jinchuriki
Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
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Comic description

Do you like Naruto? Do you like Tabletop gaming? Well, watch them be united by someone whose never played one and has no comic experience! It's better than it sounds, I promise.


Most recent comments left on Naruto: Jutsu and Jinchuriki

Sabin (Guest)
26th Jul 2017
Have a good break off!
Left on Page 374
26th Jul 2017
Ugh... Lee's team just had to be standing next to Team 7. Curse you space-time continuum!

As I said, taking a week. Back on the 4th!

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Left on Page 374
Par (Guest)
26th Jul 2017
I'm still looking forward to seeing what you'll do with it, but yeah, Chunin Exam is one of the best arcs of the show.
Left on Page 373
Foolish (Guest)
24th Jul 2017
Sakura's last hurrah incoming!
Left on Page 373
24th Jul 2017
Nope. Though, to be fair, basically no one does. Gara vs Rock Lee is just a special kind of epic, made more impressive by the fact that none of the main cast was involved (at best, Gara was the Dragon of the arc). You might be able to and/or surpass the others if you tried, you did well with the last confrontation.
Left on Page 373