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Naruto: Jutsu and Jinchuriki
Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
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Webcomic description

Do you like Naruto? Do you like Tabletop gaming? Well, watch them be united by someone whose never played one and has no comic experience! It's better than it sounds, I promise.


Most recent comments left on Naruto: Jutsu and Jinchuriki

2 days ago
I don’t think I, as a proud chaotic nut job, really have any place talking about people doing the rational thing. I am the sort who would give a speech and list off all the possible things that can, and will, go wrong should I push the big red button even as I am flat out smacking the thing repeatedly waiting for something to happen.

So in my view everyone doing the rational thing is very wrong indeed.
Left on Page 614
2 days ago
Can you imagine a campaign where everyone just did the most rational thing? It seems... wrong somehow.

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Left on Page 614
Vulpinechaos (Guest)
3 days ago
"Void Demon"
Just looked it up.
A toad can hold its' breath for between 4 and 7 hours.
Have Fun!
Left on Page 584
NewGuy43 (Guest)
4 days ago
This WOULD explain why Naruto constantly does "friendship" speeches. He knows it'll give him extra XP and that's why he and Jarrod will be the most OP later on. Nobody RPs as hard as those Naruto and Sasuke.
Left on Page 613
ANW (Guest)
5 days ago
Here's 25 exp.
Left on Page 613