Naruto: Jutsu and Jinchuriki
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Do you like Naruto? Do you like Tabletop gaming? Well, watch them be united by someone whose never played one and has no comic experience! It's better than it sounds, I promise.


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That day, ninjakind received a grim reminder...

Actually that joke works better for when the snakes broke through the wall, never mind.

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Author Note
Frankly I'm more concerned with where Gaara's actual human head is in there since that mouth looks to go deep enough that it should be encroaching on his skull.
I mean... Gaara can compact sand to be incredibly dense and hard and in his fight with Lee he had his whole sand armor that looked exactly like his skin, so sand that looks like regular body parts has a precedent. Giant teeth made out of sand that look like and function like actual teeth seem to be entirely in his powerset as shown.
So... Shukaku has white teeth in the partial possession. And they're clearly a larger jawline than Gaara's natural one. Are those also made of sand?

Updates Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Author Note
I'm curious how Sakura's player is going to react as she slowly realizes that the other two players get all these sweet buffs and power boosts while she specialized in a path that nearly never comes up.