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Naruto: Jutsu and Jinchuriki
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Comic description

Do you like Naruto? Do you like Tabletop gaming? Well, watch them be united by someone whose never played one and has no comic experience! It's better than it sounds, I promise.


Most recent comments left on Naruto: Jutsu and Jinchuriki

24th Apr 2017
Honestly it seemed that in the anime, the curse mark diddn't really affect Sasuke's mentally at all, he was an evil antisocial jerk before and all the Curse Mark of Heaven did was give him enough power to act out in a more effective manner.
Left on Page 334
23rd Apr 2017
It's still an evil mind warping magic hickey. The effects outside it are pretty awesome but doesn't change that it's basically an evil 'love bite' from a weird creepy snake dude...non-consentually.
Left on Page 334
23rd Apr 2017
Page 79, for those who forgot.

Also, can I take a moment to mention how gorgeous Sasuke's first taste of Curse Mark Power looks? It's not as good as the first Kyuubi transformation, but it's still pretty cool.

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Left on Page 334
22nd Apr 2017
333 more pages to go until he becomes a whimpy bitch who runs off with the first tongue to lick him right.
Left on Page 333
21st Apr 2017
Sasuke's halfway down the road to evil!

...on page 333!
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