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Naruto: Jutsu and Jinchuriki
Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
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Genre: Other
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Comic description

Do you like Naruto? Do you like Tabletop gaming? Well, watch them be united by someone whose never played one and has no comic experience! It's better than it sounds, I promise.


Most recent comments left on Naruto: Jutsu and Jinchuriki

Darkening (Guest)
I have troubles with HunterxHunter :/. I loved all the characters, but honestly, there's very few fights in the entire show that feel in any way even. Like, start the season, get curbstomped, train half the season, then the MC's either crush the person/obstacle or they fail *again* but get a pity win. It's super frustrating. There's like, 3 fights that actually felt like they had any tension about who'd win.
Left on Page 512
Hey, is there a GURPS Campaign Comic?
Left on Page 512
Hrm. I'd've thought something like Champions or GURPS would fit that one better.
Left on Page 512
znsolomon (Guest)
Well, now I know who's playing who in the Gurren Laggan arc...
Left on Page 512
Guest (Guest)
Well Guy got some cool moments as the series continued, so Lee got overshadowed by his sensei as well.
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