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Knockout Alliance of Badass Action & Negotiation Girls
Last update: 10th Jun 2021, 1:11 AM
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In order to stop a new threat, a secret agent must team up with an unlikely partner.
Can they work together or will their antics drive them apart?


An amateur artist who has only just recently started writing webcomics. I've been drawing digital art for years, but have only just forayed into the actual webcomic format with "Netherworld Chronicles"

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As you all probably noticed, my comics
have gone un-updated for a very long time.
There is a reason for this, unfortunately it
is not a positive one. Long story short,
I've been living in complete poverty for
the past 3 years, stuck in a place with no jobs
I am qualified for and I've been taking on
nonstop commission work in order to pay my bills.

This has given me very little to no time to work on my comics
which can take multiple days for a single page. I have the stories
planned out, and I would love to continue them, but I just cannot
do so with the workload that I am currently under.

I don't want to sound like I'm paywalling the future of my work,
but the reality is that unless I can reduce my workload, my comics will not continue.
So I'm asking anyone who has been following these comics if they can make a pledge to my Patreon, the less commissions I'm forced to take the more time I'll have to finish
these. Depending on the patronage these comics will either continue as-is, continue in black and white, or be cancelled altogether.

I'm sorry for presenting something so much like an ultimatum, but this is the reality
of the situation.

You can find my patreon at patreon.com/charredasperity.
Author Note
Yes, this is how military intelligence does it. Or underfunded intelligence agencies!
Loving it
Oh boy.