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At the heart of the multiverse, an unlucky few find themselves mystically transported and trapped on a mysterious and dangerous world. There are no reinforcements. There is no escape. There is only each other. Updates T-Th-Sat


How does one control a Chaos Mage?
Convince them its more chaotic if they follow the rules.

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Most people pronounce Bismuth "BIZZ-mith" and not "BIZZ-myooth" It was easy for me to say, it sounded like something Daffy Duck would say, a biz myth-understanding lol
When you actually try and say that pun outloud. It's hard to pronounce around the transition.
It's all just a bismuthnderstanding.
Author Note
Tunc gets the best lines.
Author Note
Poor Riley. He didn't ask to be part of this.
Author Note