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Yes, it's all a dream but dreams are very real.
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A fantasy story of a young mortal who becomes an apprentice of the creators of his world.

It's not actually a comic, it's an illustrated novel. I hope it's okay.


I draw a sci-fi webcomic "Gifts of wandering ice" about ancient things people find in melting icebergs.

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You've not read the Conan stories by Robert E Howard? (And forgive my pedantry, Adam, but it's Hyborian, not Hyperian - ****ing spell-checkers!) Well, if you can ignore the deeply rooted racism, they are actually very enjoyable rollicking yarns - but nothing like as complex or deep as Mild's writing is.
NPCs that players rarely notice are precisely the ones they need to notice...
Porridge just sweetened a little with honey, served generously in a proper big thick pottery bowl, lots of double cream on top, lots more honey dribbled all over it... Is there any food better? (Or less healthy?) I know exactly where to buy it, and I don't suppose I ever will again, but yes, I miss it.
Exactly as the author describes, in fact.
Grosser??? Surely you mean grocer - and even that's wrong, you mean grocery! And grocery definitely isn't right here - what you buy from a grocery needs cooking. Food store is fine; bakery would probably do as well but maybe isn't quite general enough. Shops in different cultures rarely map strictly 1-1