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Last update: 16th Oct 2015, 8:00 AM
Frequent Frontal Nudity

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It's a superhero universe, with a wide array of different characters, generally designed to be only in print, but this is for said characters' web adventures, for special events.


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Every dream comes true at Fantasy Island... but perhaps not in the way you expect it to :)
Thanks for the entertainment this Caper! :cheers :)
Heheh... William seems both surprised and and worried that someone, especially so ferious, matches him in size :D
So, that story's over! Sorry about the rushed ending, but I lost steam. I had too many characters without a clear endgame. Plus, it was obvious with my creative blocks I wasn't going to do very well simply letting the fight go on. So, sadly, so much build-up for a sudden finish--this is why for my print-only comics, I write the entire issue beforehand (as opposed to my webcomics, where I do the "write by the seat of your pants" approach).

This finishes my part of the Halloween Cameo Caper.
Author Note
Sorry for the delay that happened. I was going to go a different way with the next pages, that they would be a double-page spread of the heroes posturing at the villains, showing everyone who showed up for the Caper. However, this proved too difficult and I got artist block, ultimately falling into a pattern of not working on any artwork (didn't help that I got stuck on the story for Karabear Comics Unlimited, where I am planning to just move onto the next issue there). Still, I want to finish the Caper storyline in this comic.

The first page doesn't have much to do with everything else, but I wanted to show two of my superhero universe's characters I didn't put into the action. These are called Pseudomorph and Redress. It was the first time I sat down and hashed out an actual design for Redress, and I like how it looks, eve if it is a bit simple.

Second page: bring on a couple villains! I consciously didn't have them face my characters because, as this is a Cameo Caper, I kinda like to draw cameos for it. Also, it just so happens that these two characters are both fantasy-based villains of mine--Jack-in-Irons is a fabled giant said to haunt the roads of Yorkshire, while a bogle is a fantasy creature. This is the first time I've actually done a design for Forsaken One, taken from my barely-remembered time I saw a drawing of one in a book by Brian Frowd (where I got the ideas to do both these characters). I can defend myself, as well, by the fact that they're supposedly shapeshifters.

This is part of the 2014 Halloween Cameo Caper.
Author Note
The suspense... the suspense!!