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Karabear Comics Unlimited
An anthology comic with transgender superheroes
Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 3rd May 2012, 7:00 PM
Number of comics: 70
Number of subscribers: 1
Visitors: 6771 visitors (19702 pages viewed)
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Comic description

Welcome to the anthology comic Karabear Comics Unlimited. Follow Tempore, a guardian of cosmic order; Eiderdown, a newbie superhero and the first in her universe; Fractal, a supportive superhero from a world rich with them; Astral and Sparkle, two heroes from the Heroes Unite/Alliance universe; and the Swimmer and the Runner, two superheroes from the universe. Often deals with LGBT issues, especially in regards to transgender.


Most recent comments left on Karabear Comics Unlimited

Chris the Blue
12th Feb 2015
Chris the Blue
Those're quite a lot of Dutch angles.
Left on Page 3: issue 3 - A Pillow of Winds
3rd May 2012
Sparkle's so cute in what she does. Really, I like how lovable she is. Here is what I originally wrote:

"Top page: A little amount of physical comedy goes a long ways. I like Diamond (or should I just say Sparkle? I think people already made the connection) because she's so innocent. Her background will be given in this issue, and so will Astral's. But I do like the dynamic between these two, and I personally find Sparkle so lovable because of both her innocence and the fact that she's been dealt such a bad card in her life, but she tries not to let it stand in her way.

Bottom page: I know I said I wasn't going to be following that thread, but I realized it would be the perfect way to get Tempore into the events of the Halloween Cameo Caper–seeing the cover, you might know where I'm going with this, who he suspects (and possibly why Shal'tatal believes Tempore could be going to his death). I also realized that Mosieu is pretty fun to draw (though I think I swapped names for characters since author's comments on the page they all appeared on–I think I called that one Tieltal then). There are no cameos from other comics on this page, but those are sort of cameos there, being characters I never have spotlighted–or even given dialogue (this is even the first time I've ever drawn them in action, so I had to come up with their powers on the spot). But this page is part of the 2012 Halloween Cameo Caper.

Monday: Astral and Sparkle go clothes shopping and a special cameo as Tempore further investigates"
Left on Page 3: issues 5 (On the Run) and Special 1 (Sysyphus Part 1)
2nd May 2012
Shal'tatal's a little... different from Tempore. Much more tempered. But he should never be underestimated. Here is what I originally wrote:

"Top page: I think those guys were smart. You don't know what powers he has, and usually characters who fly are also strong and invulnerable. All they had was a bat. Best not to take your chances. I also made them out-of-towners, because this story takes place in Arcata, which I think would hardly ever have such people in it. Of course, when I lived there (while going to college), I was oblivious (still am), so you never know. Still, they treat the homeless there much better than in Redding.

Bottom page: Some clues to the nature of order guardians here. People may say the dialogue is too stilted, but I kept it at the way I talk, rather than trying to think how others might talk. People think I'm too formal, but I counter that I have a degree in English. I'm required to use as big of words as possible. Also, this page is part of what's taking me to the 2012 Halloween Cameo Caper.

Tomorrow: Astral finds something odd about the transient and we shift over to Tempore"
Left on Page 2: issues 5 (On the Run) and Special 1 (Sysyphus Part 1)
1st May 2012
Real charmers, those guys. And these two scenes are so incredibly different, it's interesting. Here's what I originally wrote:
"And here we go. The real beginning to see if I can do two issues in one month. How will I fare?

Top page: I was inspired by hearing of those jerks that will purposely beat homeless people, usually to death. The only thing separating them from most people is that life has treated them much rougher. There but for the grace of God and family go I. If it weren't for my uncle letting me live in his art studio in his back yard, I would be in the same boat.

Bottom page: Does that tendril look familiar to you? It's Shal'tatal, who appeared in one of the panels in issue 1. I liked the design and had to use the character again. It also seems that said character is playing Taasen, the variation on chess created by Jennifer Diane Reitz for her comic Unicorn Jelly. She may be a bit controversial in the things she says and does, but I maintain that Unicorn Jelly is a great comic.

Tomorrow: How do the two guys respond? Who is Shal'tatal playing against?"
Left on Page 1: issues 5 (On the Run) and Special 1 (Sysyphus Part 1)
30th Apr 2012
Two issues at once! It was something new for me, but now I run two regular comics at once (and I'm toying with adding a third), so it's not so big a deal. Here is what I originally wrote:

"A new month brings twice as many comics to you. Why? Well, for one, Free Comic Book Day is in May, and it's fun to do a little extra, but also because this extra issue is a part of the Halloween Cameo Caper 2012. One may think that it's a little early for Halloween, but this is a storyline that will take me into the caper. But don't think it'll be a non-entity to the rest of the comic. The repercussions will be important for events after Halloween.

Issue 5 will give us Sparkle and Astral. The cover, at least for Astral's pose, was made utilizing a drawing book. His muscles look really, weird, I know, but I for some reason couldn't get them right. I like the juxtaposition, though, of Astral striking a heroic pose and Sprkle just sitting and sniffing a flower. But dang, is it harder to draw these two, since their builds are more “superhero” builds than Eiderdown.

The special issue has two cameos on it. That ever-lovable Chaos from Life and Death looks like he's fallen under Tempore's eye, while Hogan of the Webcomic Crossover and Cameo Archive swings his axe in the inset picture up top. Though it's a picture which was taken some time before, it still would seem that Hogan is coming after me in that picture, for getting into the cameo game, myself (not to mention the big crossover project I'm planning–contact me if you want to be involved).

Tomorrow: We begin our stories"
Left on Cover: issues 5 (On the Run) and Special 1 (Sysyphus Part 1)