Kate Warne, Pinkerton Detective
Based on the true adventures of the first female detective. Updates Tuesdays.
Last update: 19th Nov 2013, 1:00 PM
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Kate Warne was a real person. She worked for Allan Pinkerton in Chicago in the 1850s-60s (including during the Civil War), making her the first female detective in America. And yes, she was awesome.


I'm a museum person who likes drawing and writing.

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Links are fixed and your art is back!
Intriguing stuff! I do hope you eventually find time to return to Kate's story.
I found the title and concept intriguing, but as only this last page has an unbroken image, I was unable to see enough to determine if it was so. C'est La Vie, I guess. Perhaps you will dust this off someday, and I'll learn then...
Hi everyone who may have found my webcomic via io9!! I'm sorry that it's been so long since I last updated, but I haven't stopped wanting to share the story of Kate Warne. In the meantime I've been busy working on a nonfiction book about other amazing women. Coming out the summer of 2015 will be "Wild Women of Maryland: Grit and Gumption in the Free State" (History Press). So look for that soon. And maybe I should get this webcomic dusted off and back up and running, huh?
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I'm going to try to get a new page up next week, but then I'll likely be going on a hiatus until the new year. I apologize in advance, but between work, grad school, and the various book projects I'm involved with, I'm having a hard time taking care of everything. (Plus, you know, my family might like to see me every now and then ;) ) So stay tuned. Thanks!
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And Partial Truths
As vestiges
Of Clarity...

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