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Drama, Comedy, Swords ... And cute fellas in a big adventure.
Last update: 28th Aug 2022, 9:22 PM
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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This is the Story of Nirrod, an almost normal 14 year old boy.
He is living with his Family and his clan in a big village in the north of Katran.
Nirrod is living his life well protected and without sorrows in the lap of his clan.
He is playing with other kids, playing pranks....a normal life.
But all of this is going to change....


Well I am a coffee addict... I like 'em with spices or pure with a small amount of sugar.

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detailed sketch - 15$

inking - with simple grey shading 30-40$ depends on how detailed a character is.

color - cell shaded 50-60$ depends on how detailed a character is.

additional character +10-20$

Contact me to discuss the details.

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Well, smart, observant and mischevious at times; fun kid to have around.
ha ha ha yeah Riaud has some observing skills.
Well, seems he inherited the talent from mom after all.
“put to sleep”
Put to sleep. This makes it funnier, as Kevin_Redcrow said.

Poor Kie-pur getting his worldview expanded.

I am starting to think a certain younger brother might make a good Naroe.
After reading all the dialog again, I think it should be left as it is.

It kind of makes the reactions of Kie-pur and Nirrod even funnier.