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Comic profile: Kay and P
Kay and P
Life when your best friend is a skeleton. - Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 2 days ago, 12:00 PM
Number of comics: 784
Number of subscribers: 445
Visitors: 729736 visitors (5766394 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.98 (2023 votes)

Comic description

Kay is a college student who's passions are music and the arts, which probably makes her wacky enough... but also there is her best friend - a skeleton no one else can see, named P.


Jackie M
Jackie M
A graduate of Montserrat College of Art, Beverly MA, Jackie is a comic illustrator who also specializes in character design. She has a varied body of work ranging in several styles for any need. She also accepts private commissions.

Her comic, Kay and P is about a musician with a skeleton as a best friend.

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Jackie M
Jackie M
These keep getting better!!! XD
Left on Kay and P, Issue 23 - Page 31
That Dave Guy (Guest)
2 days ago
"Professor Mumbledeypeg"
Left on Kay and P, Issue 23 - Page 31
Wyrd (Guest)
2 days ago
Left on Kay and P, Issue 23 - Page 31
Paul (Guest)
2 days ago
Left on Kay and P, Issue 23 - Page 31
2 days ago
Why do I think that's squid-face?
Left on Kay and P, Issue 23 - Page 31