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A troubled young man from the good ol' US of A finds himself lost in a strange new world. A story of adventures, culture shocks, hilarity, drama, and unexpected truths.


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Oh gosh, yeah, in all the chaos, I'd forgotten about his niece. That *is* still a pretty significant question mark.

And that last shot is gorgeous as always, but you didn't need me to tell you that.
Lu's hand on Ethan's shoulder, slipping down to his lower back. What's next? Is Lu gunna pat him on the bum? lol

(Note - I am in NO WAY judgemental about things like this. I actually see it as the natural progression from them holding hands in thier sleep).
There's someone we haven't seen in a while...
Author Note
"Scared and confused," "Oh god how big are the horns going to get?" and "I'll never find a wife to start a family with now, will I? NO THE QUEEN DOES NOT COUNT" are probably the top three.
Aside from the horns, you mean?

Seriously, though, I really want to know more about how he feels about this transformation. Surely having his mother there is doing him some good, but I'd frankly be amazed if he doesn't have some feelings on the matter.

Also, I like the design of that dark-skinned Elyath. Her hair looks like a flower bouquet.