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A bright little boy is given a quest to protect a Silver Key-- and the adventure begins!


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Oh and re-reading your comment- the Key was NEVER the property of the Roogs. They just despise the effect it has, the way intestinal parasites despise Thallium :)
leaving aside the symbology etc. in this case there are two reasons.
First, the Key bonds to a carrier / holder for life, so once the Old Man has given it to his relative Kelvin- that's it. They'd have to convince Kelvin not so much to give it up as not do anything with it. They blew that call by trying to recycle him, true, but even in a scenario where they think it through, it's vesting something that is obviously very threatening to them in the hands of an alien of unknown motivations.
Second, it isn't in the nature of Roogs to think in terms of discussion or what a human might think of as fairness. Push, take, exploit, scavenge, exterminate, parasitize. They'd no more negotiate than a tick would come up to a dog with a hypodermic and politely ask for a morsel of blood.
Great question though!
Why don't the monsters ever sit down with the McGuffin-holder and say "This is ours, and we lost it, but we will give you lots of nice stuff and promise never to stuff you in a brain cylinder if you give it back. Finder's fee"?
The first appearance of Chlhmbu, Star-Spawn of Cthulhu detective and tin mittens
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