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Chivalry. Romance. Boner Jokes. (may contain traces of literature)
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Pull the sword from the stone. Become King. Fight wars. Forge alliances. Unite Britain. Slay giants. Conquer an empire. Battle evil sorcery. Set an example for the Knights of the Round Table.

A woman's work is never done.


Awesome! I wrote a comic!

Aw man! Now I have to learn to draw...

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“Gallowhag”. CLASSIC
Let’s be honest, both “Galahad” and “Launcelot” kinda sound like somebody farting in a lake.

For those who joined us more recently than two years ago: Launcelot spent some time among the lake folk before becoming a fixture at Martha’s court, and was originally named Galahad. There, you’re all caught up now.

Look, at least I’m referencing things from four chapters ago this time, instead of seven. That’s a kind of progress, right?
Author Note
Please do keep up, Martha.
Sometimes it can be hard to tell if we’re currently living in the Irony Age or the Bronzer Age.

Oh, and just in case it’s unclear: she’s talking about Balyn’s sword, not Martha’s. It occurred to me way too late that it might be confusing, following directly on from the previous page.
Author Note
Who is most definitely on first.