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Comic profile: King Martha
King Martha
Chivalry. Romance. Boner Jokes. (may contain traces of literature)
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 4 days ago, 2:12 PM
Number of comics: 129
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Rating: 5 (63 votes)

Comic description

Pull the sword from the stone. Become King. Fight wars. Forge alliances. Unite Britain. Slay giants. Conquer an empire. Battle evil sorcery. Set an example for the Knights of the Round Table.

A woman's work is never done.


Awesome! I wrote a comic!

Aw man! Now I have to learn to draw...

Most recent comments left on King Martha

Brother Parvus (Guest)
2 days ago
This is growing more and more enjoyable week by week. <OhByTheWay>I've thought for over a half century that the myth of the sword in the stone was about the discovery of working meteoric iron.</OhByTheWay>
Left on The Guts and the Grappling
4 days ago
hah! They FELL for it!

(apologies for the pun!)
Left on The Guts and the Grappling
11 days ago
No, I think you will have more agreement in this then you may think.

Sunder and genitals should never be together!

In this case though, well, it was within reach!

Left on The Haunch and the Halving
11 days ago
I swear I’m not just making all this stuff up:
"...Yet he shappis at sir Arthure, but the kynge shuntys a lytyll and rechis hym a dynte hyghe uppon the haunche, and there he swappis his genytrottys in sondir."
Personally, I think "sunder" and "genitals" should never, EVER be in the same sentence. But maybe that’s just me.
Left on The Haunch and the Halving
29th Jul 2018
Surprise! There was a fifth secret weapon, and it turned out to be... well, literally, a secret weapon. Maybe that’s the opposite of a surprise.

I'm in two minds about referring back to the first couple of chapters like this. On one hand, I'd like to rewrite those early chapters because the tone was often... problematic. On the other hand, you can only work with the backstory you've got.

I hope the timeline makes sense. I think I’ll try to avoid flashbacks-within-flashbacks in the future... or do I mean in the past?
Left on The Baggage and the Backup