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Comic profile: King Martha
King Martha
Chivalry. Romance. Boner Jokes. (may contain traces of literature)
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
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Pull the sword from the stone. Become King. Fight wars. Forge alliances. Unite Britain. Slay giants. Conquer an empire. Battle evil sorcery. Set an example for the Knights of the Round Table.

A woman's work is never done.


Awesome! I wrote a comic!

Aw man! Now I have to learn to draw...

Most recent comments left on King Martha

18th Oct 2017
Heh. That's some trolling.
Left on The Wronged and the Wrathful
25th Sep 2017
24th Sep 2017
... Oh dear.
Left on The Damsel and the Discomfort
18th Sep 2017
While Martha and Griff rest up, stuff is still happening elsewhere in the kingdom.

The beauty of a story about knights is that you don’t really need to set up an excuse for them to fight. Two guys crossing paths in armour is generally all the reason they need. The dutiful brother here is showing exceptional (and, quite frankly, somewhat suspicious) restraint in the first intance.
Left on The Chump and the Challenge
10th Sep 2017
I hope this page makes some kind of sense. It's SO talky. But I wanted to give Merlin a little focus, and that's what he does, mostly.

Considering that he's the archetypal court wizard, Merlin does very little actual magic.

He's used as After-The-Fact-Exposition-Guy so often, it's easy to forget that he's kind of the puppet master behind the whole story.

On the other hand, there are also times when he's a bit of a buffoon. I guess if you spend all that time with your head in the past and the future, your grasp on the present could get somewhat... tenuous.
Left on The Magic and the Mystery