Kirby's Dream Experience
Are we dreaming?
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Kirby is truly a Dream Experienced! We have beings all over contributing to the life of Dream Land in all personalities. I control them, if you don't know, along with the infamous Murphy's Law. Not that they know this is for entertainment, but let's try not to break the fourth wall, shall we? ~Update schedule not set in stone, but keep a look out for another start!~


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Nothing like telling someone to put a part of the building down like it an everyday thing
So, I do want to elaborate a bit, if anyone has played or had the Gen 3 Pokémon experience, then I would use the Biospark and Sword Knight relationship like Zangoose and Seviper.
Author Note
I think we are on squish count 3
He doesn’t even denying it
It’s not, but DeDeDe can copyright anything he wants and get away with it