Kirby's Dream Land Adventures
Kirby throughout the years! 105% canon, obviously.
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A sprite comic running through the totally canon not-at-all-abnormal adventures of Kirby over the years! Started in 2008, kept alive through sheer stubbornness. Rerunning one page a day starting 1/1/21 until we're all caught up.


She/her, trans lesbian, and I am like a year late to this party.

Refugee from SmackJeeves, and from NSider way before that. Currently in the process of uploading a few archives of my older work. Finishing up KDLA revamp pages and then maybe newer stuff.

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Original date: 7/27/11
Version 2.0: 2/26/21

Thirteen months to get around to the original version of this page. Yep. I guess I was just bored of Bubbly Clouds altogether, and thus basically skipped all the way to the end of it here. Wayyy shorter than Float Islands.

Next time: I dunno, probably no one important.
Author Note
Original date: 6/27/10
Version 2.0: 2/25/21

If you've been looking at the original dates, you might notice that exactly one year passed between the original versions of the last page and this one.

I'm not totally sure what killed my motivation. Maybe I just couldn't come up with anything for the cloud room, and so eventually I gave up and skipped over to the miniboss here.

Or maybe not. After all, there is clearly no miniboss present at this location. What a silly thing that would be.
Author Note
Original date: 6/27/09
Version 2.0: 2/24/21

I'm pretty sure I did absolutely nothing with Winny in the original run.
Author Note
Original date: 6/13/09
Version 2.0: 2/23/21

It was originally Benny who got ticked off and got rid of Kookler and Whiskers here, but reasonably he's not the one who's dealt with this setup multiple times in the same day.
Author Note
Original date: 6/6/09
Version 2.0: 2/22/21

There was a point, before the SmackJeeves fiasco, where I was considering making an extra loredump page to explain this whole thing about where Popopo come from. And now I've used like half the material from that on this page.

I think one earlier idea I had was that Popopo were born from stars, but then I found out Kirby's Dream Adventure (by BattleStarX) already had that going on... plus, that would've made it hard to justify Kirby and Keeby being non-twin siblings. Even though, yes, adoptive familial relationships are still just as legit.
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