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An Eternal Winter lurks beneath a Summer Smile
Last update: 11th Nov 2021, 7:00 PM
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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Natsuki Fujimura moved to Tokoyama after an attack in Hokkaido left her and her closest friend injured the summer of their third year of junior high. Hidden among the population of Tokoyama, Natsuki created a semblance of a normal life.

Two and a half years later, all of it is shattered when the enemy that found her in Hokkaido discovers her whereabouts.

Updates on Thursday at 11 AM (MST)

Desperate to protect her friends, Natsuki tries to take on the enemy alone. She soon discovers that even her nearest and dearest have secrets to tell and it may require all of them to keep the Black Dog at bay.


Liloka Studios is a collaborative effort between Myriai (that's the main go-to for anything to do with the website, comic, and writing) and Mother Roshiya (who does the lovely art for the comic). The two have been friends since about 2008 when they met in a Japanese class at the local Community College and found they shared much in common including a love of anime, manga, and fantasy stories.
Producer of Creative Arts, Mother of Three, College of Lore Bard, half-Kitsune
I am a Dungeons & Dragons playing, anime watching, book reading, Star Wars loving being of the female variety. I am a writer and an artist (not very good, but I try really hard), and I've loved fantasy and sci-fi in many of its facets since I was about nine years old. I am the writer and storyboard artist for Kitakaze no Yakusoku//Promise of the North Wind and run the blog Myriai's Myriad of Worlds. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter @Myriai.

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Hello everyone.

Please enjoy Mother Roshiya and my valiant fight to keep our story alive.

It's been a rough road since September and it's not getting manageable yet.

I am posting today another omake when I was hoping to get the story back in gear. Unfortunately, real life and drama keeps eating all the creative spoons here at Liloka Studios and we're working to find a work-life balance that allows us to continue creating Kitakaze no Yakusoku.

We will not be permanently gone--Kitakaze will be back, I promise.

It's just right now between my job (3 times busier, down 2 FT workers due to circumstances, and other assorted corporate shenanigans) and Mother Roshiya's family changes (moving, taking care of other family members, and dealing with her own mental health) we aren't able to stay on top of the comic like we wanted to.

Thanks for your support thus far and I hope that things will even out soon so we can get back to this comic and the characters we love in the comic.

♥ ~ Myriai
Author Note
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have to kick off our autumn break a lot earlier than we intended.

Thank you for your understanding and patience with us.

Things WILL get better...2021 is just throwing some nasty curveballs our way.

If you have a chance to help or spread the word, we'd really appreciate it!

Author Note
Sometimes offline life ends up knocking the comic down a couple notches on the to-do list and I do apologize.

Between Mother Roshiya's family stuff and me having to attend a funeral in Texas this past weekend and the fact that we both have full-time+ jobs (me a pharmacy tech (and novelist) and her a mother of 3 very active children) sometimes things like this happen (albeit a little more often than we would prefer lately).

Though I have to say it was fun to see her put this together to share with all of you to show a little bit of the process behind the scenes here at Liloka Studios :)

Thank you for your continued support!
Author Note
Apologies for the late posting, but we have successfully gotten the page up on the day it was intended.

Thank you so much for your patience <3 :)
Author Note
Hi there!

Sorry about the Omake, but check out my awesome new avatar--off with the Jedi Robes and on to the D20 glory of...well, probably D&D :D

We hit a snag this week as the program Mother Roshiya uses for the comic got changed up. Typically we use MediBang, they shifted to a subscription service starting this month and we're having trouble getting at our cloud saves. It caught us off guard, but we're working on getting that figured out ASAP.

Should be a new page next week.

Thanks for sticking with us!
Author Note