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The alternate present. There are always people who think they worth more than others, they can tell them what to do, use them and throw them away as they please, unpunished. What can be done, when they create the rules?
It's a violence based society, despite all the civilization. The more violent wins at the end (?).


I'm an enthusiastic amateur, so don't expect too much.

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Fast and fresh, the best in town.
Yes, it's her, I'll clarify it on the next page.
The USA was established as a Constitutional Republic, but that's certainly not how it has been run for numerous decades. The reality right now is that, regardless of how we label the governments of most countries, all seem to be behaving as tyrannical oligarchies. I don't think the world has seen such a concentration of absolutely awful "leaders" ever in history, and the "pandemic" has virtually nothing to do with health & safety and everything to do with conditioning people for absolute control of their lives by those in power.

Julia and her offspring are a fantasy that just about any of us prone to the occasional vigilante thinking would love to see become real.
Yep, Julia better be careful, because this guy seems to have a line on her and knowledge is power in this scenario.
I've been sidetracked for too long and am probably misremembering, but doesn't she have the ability to create a duplicate image of herself?