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Knight Guy
Bravery. Comradery. Celery.
Last update: 16th Jun 2018, 6:32 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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Corlis Cneet, a satisfied celery farmer, finds himself unwillingly thrust into his biggest annoyance—adventure.

A humorous comic with some interesting worldbuilding—what would a fantasy adventure be like if everyone were living suits of armor?


I like PC games, board games, webcomics, and pretzels.
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Hi there. 2020 Abelhawk here. I recently figured out a much simpler way to color panels, so I'm going through and recoloring these black and white ones. Not as sharp as the originals, but it's better than nothing!
Author Note
the monster stole all the colors
Oh nooo!
Dialog is as good as always. While the artwork is not as polished as before, it mattereth not. You've got a real talent for setting up a scene and the story is great.