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Kordinar 25000
Apocalypse? Yes/No
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A perfect world turns into a crapsackery nightmare. A messenger from the future tells that very soon, everything will cease to exist. Politicians, rebels, religious cults or even bandits want to "save the world", more desperately than ever, will any of them be successful? Or are they all doomed to fail?

In the middle of all this - college student Alph Colla Borsoi Weller, who just wanted to have fun, play games and party..


*loves cats, cats, cats, and comics ..especially science fiction, horror and fantasy.

And this is Algernon,
a ShadowFurian babygator :D

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Holy Crapsickle indeed!
Looks like almost everyone except him has been brain-washed.
They got some sweet merchandise on display. I mean folks can have there own cool poster with the great leader on it.
Panda Cop
Ugh i want to know the mystery already!

What good character concepts
I wonder how south that area is. I don't remember if Kobolt's reign had already expanded over the whole planet