Kougar Street: The Humiliation Of Lisa Rumpson
The ongoing humiliation of a fat ass fortysomething slut-mom
Last update: 3 days ago, 4:23 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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Lisa Rumpson, a sexy fat middle aged mom, ex-lady wrestler and total slut gets spanked, fucked and humiliated in suburbia. All her neighbours get in on the action, and Lisa's big fat ass deserves all it gets...!
I use Poser and real life photography to capture my stories; my model for 'Lisa' is my wife, it is a near perfect likeness in face and build and I occasionally incorporate photos of her within the art to make Lisa come to life. I hope you enjoy it and please comment!


Most recent comments left on Kougar Street: The Humiliation Of Lisa Rumpson

Just caught up with all the action... fantastic as always! Loved the double anal and the humour as well. Thanks for keeping this going!
Is anyone keeping count of how many dicks the fat slut is taking tonight?
The sincerest form of flattery! Seemed apt as this is what's been happening to your heroine lately too...
Ha-ha YES!! I recognize those sound effects Love it. :D
It was only a matter of time before Lisa's ass had two cocks up it...
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