Kougar Street: The Humiliation Of Lisa Rumpson
The ongoing humiliation of a fat ass fortysomething slut-mom
Last update: 6 days ago, 10:08 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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Lisa Rumpson, a sexy fat middle aged mom, ex-lady wrestler and total slut gets spanked, fucked and humiliated in suburbia. All her neighbours get in on the action, and Lisa's big fat ass deserves all it gets...!
I use Poser and real life photography to capture my stories; my model for 'Lisa' is my wife, it is a near perfect likeness in face and build and I occasionally incorporate photos of her within the art to make Lisa come to life. I hope you enjoy it and please comment!


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Get her men! Remember to capture her alive if possible.
Nice tits. I suppose since they belong to the fat cow I should say, nice udders.
Hope the judge stuffs her ass before she’s captured & then the agents spank her bloody red
Haha. She is one lucky fat arse cow. I hope they capture the cow, interrogate her and punish her for years.