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Kirby Super Star H
All your dreams are only a wish away~.
Last update: 18th Feb 2018, 7:23 PM
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It's the story of Kirby Super Star...with humanoids!

Join Kirby and Marx on a series of Dream Land adventures, as they collect stars, befriend Helpers, and defeat badguys! All your dreams are only a wish away~.


Hi, I'm Doki. I enjoy doing fanart and making webcomics. I'm also on Smackjeeves and DeviantArt, same username!

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why is bomb kirby so cute ?
Watch your step, Poppy! XD
The first two panels... XD
Whoa, Poppy Bros. Sr. is both angry and smiling at the same time!

Also, your version of Marx is so cute! ^_^
He has become... Bomb Kirby!

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