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I have no idea what I'm doing.
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War is about to break out in the Dim World as Anuj plans revenge against his brothers' family for the murder of his Wife years ago. K is sick and bedridden and is unable to fight to protect her family while her son, Meowbert, looks after her. Mika doesn't know what to do as she watches her mother fight to get better and her Grandfather, Lakota, struggles with the knowledge that he's going to war with his little brother. She makes the decision to join the fight along side her Grandfather and her partners Kit and Phex along with Phex's little sister Ruby. But there's a figure hiding in the shadows, are they friend... or foe.

I'll try to upload once a week, expect some inconsistencies with art style, text color, and some other stuff. This is my first time trying a comic. Feel free to ask questions about the comic, I'll answer to the best of my abilities.


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trees are hard to draw
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hahaha comedy
oh ok
antlers and horns are hard at certain angles.
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Lakota's scratches heal quickly
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