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Comic profile: Lady Spectra & Sparky
Lady Spectra & Sparky
Mother and daughter superheroes fight crime! by J. Kevin Carrier
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Comic language: English
Genre: Action
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 8 days ago
Number of comics: 471
Number of subscribers: 28
Visitors: 43846 visitors (443796 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.99 (83 votes)

Comic description

Schoolteacher Paula Carson and her daughter Jill lead a double life! When danger threatens Apollo City, they don the costumes of LADY SPECTRA & SPARKY! With brains, brawn, and laser bracelets, they battle the nefarious villains who threaten the innocent!


Most recent comments left on Lady Spectra & Sparky

10th Jul 2017
A new storyline starts next week!
Left on Witching Hour pg. 26
Steve (Guest)
20th Jun 2017
"The Telescope Ship!"
I love the telescope-shaped ship! And the villains so far have been pretty damn cool. Loving the Sky-Death!
Left on Sky Death pg. 07
Black Rose (Guest)
14th Jun 2017
One of those trucks should have the same color as Optimus Prime...! :)
Left on Witching Hour pg. 22
3rd Apr 2017
Apologies for no new page this week. After bashing on it for hours, it's still not done, and the parts that are done don't look right. I'm taking another week to try and turn it into something presentable.

To tide you over, here's a drawing I did back in 2012 as a gift for my pal John MacLeod. It's his birthday today, as it turns out. You should check out his super-fun sci-fi adventure comic,
Left on Dreaded Deadline Doom pg. 01
20th Mar 2017
Our heroines met Cassiopeia and Madam Boogala back during the "Demon War" storyline. And yes, things escalated quite drastically in that case...
Left on Witching Hour pg. 11