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Lady Spectra & Sparky
Mother and daughter superheroes fight crime! by J. Kevin Carrier
Last update: 10th Jun 2019, 5:00 AM
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Schoolteacher Paula Carson and her daughter Jill lead a double life! When danger threatens Apollo City, they don the costumes of LADY SPECTRA & SPARKY! With brains, brawn, and laser bracelets, they battle the nefarious villains who threaten the innocent!


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“New Subscriber ”
Hey Kevin...just subscribed to the comic, and have decided to make my Newt Tronztarr strip available here on Comic Fury as well. So great to see Lady Spectra and Sparky in action, in color! Will send you some fan art soon! Your Fantasy Theater comics are still a favorite part of my comics collection.
Welcome back!
You have my condolences.
I understand what it's like to lose those close to you, and those who are muses to what you create!
Fans of your comic are grateful that you are persevering!
I apologize for the long delay between pages. My dear friend Karen O'Donnell passed away back in March, and it really took the wind out of my sails. Karen was the creator of Vashali, and the co-creator of Lord Cyprian, and she had contributed a lot of ideas and feedback on the "Rings of the Lord" storyline. I know she would have enjoyed this page, with Cyprian in full-blown seducer mode. I hope that somehow, somewhere, she can see it. This one's for you, KayO.
Author Note
The best laid plains of mice and superheroes...
Paula is not having a good day.