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Comic profile: LandLubber
The Adventures of Enthè Navy
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Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 24th Jul 2018, 8:43 AM
Number of comics: 24
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Comic description

Shortly after graduating from high-school on her birthday, Enthè Navy discovers that she is related to a society of undersea people with a long history. She finds herself discovering many passions through this advent of additional identity. Co-written by DragonMage.


College grad that likes pearl milk tea. My first word was "pizza." I've been into cartooning and character design for a while, and drawing stuff is so fun that I'll miss lunch sometimes (yeah right!). Enjoys playing KoF98, or at least attempting to talk about it.
Aka Bison2Winquote, SnDFrosteyneko, Frostey, Eben, etc.

Most recent comments left on LandLubber

24th Jul 2018
Varuna, who is the prime minister of Bluefine, hosts a national-hall session concerning what to do with a nationwide kelp overgrowth problem.
Left on Fish Legislation
9th Jul 2018
of course they'd read that. this comic was originally made for mother's day
Left on Cuttlefish Bookclub
5th Jul 2018
Enthè Navy, now on her way with fishcat Babbles to Bluefine, once again, spends one more night with the Billy Bonnet, the man who raised her.
The next morning, she leaves with Babbles, contemplating her change of pace in life.
Left on One Last Night
20th Jun 2018
Enthè's stepdad Billy asks her about her first trip to Bluefine and tells all-- while the ever-affectionate Babbles plays around with Billy of course. Through reflection, Enthè realizes a strong inner calling.
Left on Enthè wants to move!
6th Jun 2018
Enthè Navy teases Babbles just a bit, and finds out by accident that not only that he can turn into a fish or a cat depending on location, but also say "Myoop"-- a mix between "meow" and "bloop!"
Left on Babbles says Myoop