The Tale of a Disappointing Land Shark
Water you waiting for?
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A treasure hunter rescues a weird... coral... shark person from probable death and gets way more (and less) than she bargained for.

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I'm a Canadian who feels like there's not enough time in the world to comic out all the comic ideas I have! I love all my characters, except I tend to show that love by ridiculing them lovingly mercilessly. Also I love loons. I am a loon.

"Brings people joy" -Mosske, 2017

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The Accidental Ninja
Oh Dear (...for Nana, at least)

...I wonder how well they deal with chlorine? That fountain is bound to have some
My prediction for next page:
They hear someone saying "Ahem!", then turn around to see a stern looking cop pointing at a sign that says: "No drinking water!"
He looks at her like “you’re dead” but then proceeds to gently help her to the fountain XD
Tfw your coworker has to drag you into a public fountain to get your head on straight
Author Note
Thanks for your explanation! He definitely dresses more professionally than he feels a lot of the time. XD