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Lanterns of Arcadia
A tale of monsters, magic, and mad science
Last update: 4th Nov 2020, 6:08 PM
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Avani Patel was content researching a method to create a better magic battery. But when her rival's science experiment goes disastrously wrong, vicious shadow monsters are released that threaten not just her work-- but the existence of all magic. Avani must do her best to find out just what these monsters are, and how to stop them, before they destroy the world as she knows it.


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It makes me think of the coach stations London (and no doubt other cities) used to have before the railways, although I've never seen pictures of them. I guess they became railway stations in time.

The music is lovely!
:o Prettier! :)

The story so far has been refreshing. It's both exciting and sweet. :)
Ooooo, pretty!