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Lanterns of Arcadia
A tale of monsters, magic, and mad science
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Avani Patel was content researching a method to create a better magic battery. But when her rival's science experiment goes disastrously wrong, vicious shadow monsters are released that threaten not just her work-- but the existence of all magic. Avani must do her best to find out just what these monsters are, and how to stop them, before they destroy the world as she knows it.


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He can definitely become bigger, and we'll definitely see it at some point, but more than that I can't say. ;)
The Guardian could change sizes and the "I don't often need to be much bigger" comment in 2-3 seems to indicate that Guardian could become bigger if needed, maybe do so to carry Avani?
I know it's April Fools, but this is the real page. In case you were worried.

(I don't have time to make goof pages anyway.)
Author Note
Avani is holding them.
What happened to the goggles in the last panel?