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Cyborgs! Robots! Spaceships! Lasers!
Last update: 8th Mar 2018, 3:07 PM
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An experimental comic about cyborgs, robots, and aliens. With lasers!


I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, with my wife and children.

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Serpent Brains
I like this style. Reminds me of the sort of comics my old school friend and I used to draw.

I feel a bit nostalgic now.
So that's it, Laser Brigade Book Three is finished. I hope you enjoyed it.

I couldn't remember when I ended Book One, but I looked it up, and apparently it was on July 31st, 2012. Come to think of it, I'd already drawn the ending months before that, but I ditched my old website and started over here. Whatever the case, there wasn't much of a gap, because Book Two began just two days later on August 2nd. Book Two wrapped up a little over nine months later, on May 15, 2013. And then . . . I took a break.

I was burnt out after wrapping up Book Two, and I wanted to focus on my Fuzzball & Scuzzball comic strip. I drew F&S weekly, for years, until it came to an end, and I returned to Laser Brigade a little over three years after I left it. Laser Brigade Book Three began serialization on July 5th, 2016. It's taken over a year and a half, substantially longer than the previous two books.

At the end of Book Two, I said I'd be back soon, and then I was gone for three years. I don't want to make any false promises this time. I know what comes next--Book Four is a collection of short stories, like Book Two was, and then Book Five is the story of the Vortex Guardian gathering the Laser Brigade to aid him against the Arghul. No big surprise there, I set it up pretty explicitly a few pages ago.

But even if I tragically get hit by a bus or something, and never get to make Book Four or Book Five, I think this is a solid ending. I'm happy with it.

So, thanks for reading; I appreciate those of you who followed along and shared your thoughts. I don't know when there's more Laser Brigade coming, so in the meantime check out The Electric Team, the webcomic my daughter Abi and I do with artist Sam Albert, at www.electricteamcomic.com. Thanks again!
Author Note
At long last, we've made it to the end. Here are the final 8 pages of the Epilogue to Laser Brigade Book Three. All your questions will be answered . . . and if they aren't, sorry, I did what I could.
Author Note
Hey, this is it! There were a few chapters of Laser Brigade that I didn't draw, thanks to my friends Matt, Josh, and Doug, and there were some ads and fillers along the way, but as of this page, I have now drawn 500 pages of Laser Brigade. Happy 500th page!
Author Note
Hello, I'm back, as promised, with the Epilogue. It's 16 pages long; I'm releasing 8 pages today, and 8 pages next week. Enjoy!
Author Note