The Last Tomorrow
There might be no last chance
Last update: 25th Jan 2015, 8:01 PM
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In a world where humans and fauna have banded together to defend the planet from alien invaders, a young couple ponder the path not taken and the weight of their choices.


Los colores son mi vida, no sé que haría si un día ya no pudiera ver. Amo dibujar.
A veces sueño cosas parecidas a superproducciones cinematográficas, y es precisamente eso lo que me insta a hacer un comic.

Tengo cuenta en deviantArt, que puedes visitar sin compromiso: Kanela at dA
Y soy la artista del webcomic llamado M9 Girls

I do speak English, so feel free to talk to me or whatever (:

Starving Writer, Computer Scientist and über geek. I also write comics!
I think writing is a better way to exorcise demons than visiting the psychologist, so I write a lot.

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That giraffe is simply adorable :)
We actually discussed a lot on world building and the backstory of the characters. We are still on the fence on whether we should extend it...
We were experimenting with this stylistic choice. I'm glad you like it.
And she also makes a great veggie stew!
Thank you for the kind words! We're glad you enjoyed this little story.