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Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language
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Samson was content to live his life on the outskirts of society, gallivanting around as the roguish “Phantom”. However, when he receives an offer he cannot refuse, he returns to the world he left behind to finish one last job. And when things do not go as planned, he and a mysterious girl dive headfirst into the intrigue of a corrupted regime, a deadly infection, and the secrets of the very land their country lies on.

An action/adventure story with a touch of rom com and cheesy anime tropes on the side.

Story and Art by Revzet, Edited by Junoro and Elsecaller42


I'm a Canadian who feels like there's not enough time in the world to comic out all the comic ideas I have! I love all my characters, except I tend to show that love by ridiculing them lovingly mercilessly. Also I love loons. I am a loon.

"Brings people joy" -Mosske, 2017

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not at all,Juno and I have noticed that our styles are getting closer :,D
Gotta say junoro really captures your artstyle well.

I thought it was a drawing by you actually. I hope that doesn't sound bad or anything. ^_^
The first guest art we have is by Junoro! Junoro helps me a lot with editing script, and she has three lovely comics:

The Tale of a Disappointing Land Shark: A treasure hunter rescues a weird... coral... shark person from probable death and gets way more (and less) than she bargained for.

To Kill a Vampire: In the cover of night, a vampire hunter searches for a powerful vampire who has stolen her name.

Skydive: A teenage girl with secret powers has her sights set on exposing the crime in her city. But between balancing school, family, and friends, Sharpelle Wilkinson is about to discover something that will flip her world completely upside down, and make her wonder if the past isn't as dead as she thought.
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He can break his face for days now
i aspire to be that prepared and also that badass