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Last update: 12th May 2020, 5:00 AM
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A comic about life, love, and little green teenagers.

Currently updating Tue/Th, The Law of Purple began on ComicGen way back in 2004, enjoying an all-too-brief home at the late ComicDish before finally landing at ComicFury (and, uh, actually CD's shutdown saw at least one delay entirely because LOP's archive was already so huge!)

LOP follows an eclectic family through an eclectic world (I think of it as a soap operatic space opera set in a Saturday Morning Cartoon universe) as they navigate a new life on Earth, hide from a murderous dictator who happens to be their cousin, and occasionally have to survive intergalactic politics! Once in a while somebody gets punched in the face; more rarely people get shot. =X

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Golden Dragon Girl
This page took a while for both writing reasons and real life reasons, including me having a minor accident at work and having to get a tetanus booster =X

Next page will probably be next Tuesday??? But we'll see.
Author Note
Golden Dragon Girl
Yes. Yes it is. XDD This page was drawn about when the original series dub was heading towards the series finale in the States so it's a direct reference lol
Is that Dark Magician on the TV screen in Panel 3? ...I am WAY too obsessed with that show. XD
Golden Dragon Girl
lol thank you~
Golden Dragon Girl
This page partly took so long because I kept dithering over a lost reference and finally ended up recreating it in Metasequoia (for panel 4) when I realized I was just going to keep procrastinating until I had a perspective reference.

Which, I'm super sorry about that.

Screenshot of said reference is up for patrons alongside the clean lines and colors.
Author Note