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Webcomic profile: The Law of Purple
The Law of Purple
A webcomic
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Content flags: Violent Content
Language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 12 days ago, 5:00 AM
Number of comics: 1365
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Rating: 4.93 (54 votes)

Webcomic description

A comic about life, love, and little green teenagers.

Currently updating Tue/Th/Sat until further notice.

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Golden Dragon Girl
12 days ago
Golden Dragon Girl
IMPORTANT EDIT AS OF DECEMBER 9: my internet has been down for a week and we got a new modem and it's still not working! And here I am watching Tumblr implode and kinda quietly screaming because I can't back my blog up, haha

So I don't know when the next page is and it's not even my fault

==end edit==

circumstances happened and I was like. No sleep

So filler

This is actually part of a song that I initially was going to use for the gag earlier with Daimon's army playing music over the communications but I ended up deciding it was too much to the point so now it's sort of a bit his theme song I think

I am in fact working on making this an actual song there's an early draft on Patreon.
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Golden Dragon Girl
Two weeks ago
Golden Dragon Girl
Apologies again for the impromptu hiatus: At the beginning of October I agreed to take on funerary responsibilities at the church at which I have been a custodian since January.

Then three different members of the parish passed away within a span of two weeks (before I got any training!), two of whom their funerals were at the church (and both of those were people I knew and saw regularly.) (All three the post-funeral meal was at the church and I was already responsible for aspects of that, so.)

All of them were in their 80s so it wasn't exactly a shock but it WAS very emotionally exhausting and made picking the work of the COMIC back up more difficult than I expected it to be.

Which is why I didn't ANNOUNCE this hiatus: I'd been trying to keep it from BEING a hiatus and realized too late that it already was.

I have also decided that LOP's update schedule will be changing to Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday until further notice, to see if that actually works better since I've been struggling with MWF since the start of the year. We'll see, lol

Lineart for this is indeedy up on Patreon.
Left on I will have my cake and eat it too
22nd Nov 2018
Glad to hear you're okay at least. I'm sure everyone will continue to wait patiently for the next update, so don't feel pressured to update until you're ready! ;D
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Golden Dragon Girl
21st Nov 2018
Golden Dragon Girl
Unfortunately life kind of.... got in the way more than I expected it to last month? I should have made this announcement somewhere other than Facebook or Tumblr (like, here) but I've had a job as a janitor at a church this past year, recently took on responsibilities concerning funerals, and then there were three deaths in the church community within the span of two weeks.

Since then I've been trying to get back into a regular schedule and it's just been kind of difficult due to writing and work setup issues, and I admit I've been a little in denial about how much trouble it's been.

That said, thank you very much for the input; I'm still sort of writing the nitty gritty parts of this story so it's nice to have going forward!

I'm hoping to have the next update soon.
Left on Dollar sign hashtag planet explosion!!
20th Nov 2018
Did you go on hiatus again? I didn't see anything on Patreon about it, but it has been a good month since I've seen any update on anything. I hope to see you soon as I'm very interested in seeing where the story will go, even though I may not comment much about it. I typically check for updates about 2-3 times a week, but maybe I should comment more often? Sorry for not posting my input.
I like the growth of Green and Wulfie [I had to look up his name (._.;)] that you've been showcasing lately. Green has been very caring, but it's nice to see him actually focus that care towards something. While you have balanced the political stuff in the comic with the humor quite nicely, it does seem like you sometimes force a gag a day punchlines with a couple of the comics, which isn't wholly necessary.
I do hope you keep us posted on your endeavors as they occur. I know you've invested a lot of time into the comic and I still plan on sticking it out until the end. So even if I don't comment often, know that I'm here reading it! :)
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