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The Adventures of Toby Lectro and Company
Last update: 17th Apr 2022, 4:00 AM
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He's an electric fish-out-of water who doesn't want to talk about his past. She's a vigilante warrior by choice. With a few friends, they will keep the streets of Outer City free from crime. Updates Mondays and Fridays.


Hello! I'm Jeremy 7, author and illustrator for LECTRO! and Pine Hill Creature Feature. My interests include drawing, video games, and monsters. And webcomics, probably because when I was growing up I couldn't find a comic store around my area.

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Helps her stay leaps and bounds above the competition.
Matt Comics
human. frog. rabbit. You could say Jessie jumps across classes!
I've been burnt out since Halloween. That's why nothing has updated since Halloween. No word on when I'll be regaining my groove but nothing has been abandoned.

Anyways, since the reason is out of the way, Happy Easter! I wanted to draw Jessie in a bunny costume because both Jessie and rabbits are incredible jumpers. With the goggles, she looks like Dr. Hare from Poptropica, and the red lenses make her kinda resemble the furry woman from FNAF security breach. Only the first was kinda intentional.
Author Note
The colored pumpkin pails are fun, not to disrespect the good ol' orange
Matt Comics
Well, happy Halloween! Neypalm's bag is the best imo.