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The Adventures of Toby Lectro and Company
Last update: 14th Apr 2021, 2:14 PM
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He's an electric fish-out-of water who doesn't want to talk about his past. She's a vigilante warrior by choice. With a few friends, they will keep the streets of Outer City free from crime. Updates Mondays and Fridays.


Hello! I'm Jeremy 7, author and illustrator for LECTRO! and Pine Hill Creature Feature. My interests include drawing, video games, and monsters. And webcomics, probably because when I was growing up I couldn't find a comic store around my area.

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He's actually pretty average for his age, it's just that he's 13

Toby doesn't know what to believe at this point in his life, but if he learned that a turtle was carrying the World, he'd find that pretty cool.
Did you know that Toby has some Louisiana in his heritage?

Cuz he doesn't
Matt Comics
kinda short, eh? good to know if I ever draw him alongside one of my characters.

now you've got me wondering. what would Toby's reaction be if he learned the world exists on a giant turtle's back?
Zero Hour
bonus points for Toby for not being Canadian XD
Hello! I have too much on my plate as of late, and I'm taking this as a lesson going forward to limit my activities.

With that said, I've submitted Toby to the Land96 Roleplay. You might wanna check that out as it progresses.

I've noticed that artwise, I'm not the most efficient person out there. I can draw fast, but I'm kinda lazy about picking up the pen. I gotta fix this if I can.
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