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Webcomic profile: LECTRO Fanart Gallery
LECTRO Fanart Gallery
A Collection of art themed after the LECTRO Universe!
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Language: English
Genre: Other
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Last update: 19th Oct 2019, 4:00 PM
Number of comics: 13
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Webcomic description

When I started LECTRO, I didn't think I'd need to make a space for other people's takes on my creations. But things changed. First, I made requests on free art boards. Then, I joined Crossover Exchanges. Eventually, people made artwork of my characters without me asking! And quite frankly, that's awesome.

If you have a drawing of LECTRO Characters that you want featured, just send me a PM with the drawing and any credits. Otherwise, if I just find the drawing on the forums, I'll PM you for permission to display the art.


I draw things and I obsess over Halloween, what more do you want to know?

Most recent comments left on LECTRO Fanart Gallery

19th Oct 2019
I've said it before and I'll say it again, but... I don't watch Anime. I want to, I just don't know where to start. And there's decades of material to choose from, compounding the issue. It's like me and physical comics.

Anyways, Zero Hour sent me this fanart of Toby striking a pose, inspired by the anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. One of the long running anime/manga series that you learn about if you're on the internet enough - it involves a long history, buff dudes, and generations of the Joestar family tree fighting vampires. And also Stands and a lot of rock references. Sounds awesome. It's also known for its characters' poses.

Again, Zero Hour writes and draws The Adventures of Sir Power. It's worth a look.
Left on Toby Strikes a (JoJo) Pose! by Zero Hour
19th Oct 2019
Well, ArgyleFox had a thread where they drew characters, with the twist that something was wrong - a nice aunt became a homicidal murderer, a fun-loving lich became the office dullard, and Selene Wildebees became... well, a wildebeest. When I suggested Neypalm Veyper, I did NOT expect the pyromaniacal villain treatment. Still, this is a cool turn on the character.

ArgyleFox's comic is The Under, about a Smol goblin.
Left on BURN THE WORLD by ArgyleFox
17th Oct 2019
Okay, a few things to cover about this piece:
-It involves an unused LECTRO Villain (Cactus Kelly)
-It's by MightGuy15, creator of Baxton is Not A Hero!, as requested by me in his "Drawing Your Characters Pissed Off" thread
-This is why I added tags to the fanart gallery! (Though the pun is pretty good. I ain't censoring art unless need be for that reason.)
Left on Cactus Kelly is PISSED! (Language!) by MightGuy15
14th Oct 2019
Another work by Nakama Victory's Kei Esteban, this time depicting his favorite character, Treefrog, as a monster!

My sister told me she hopes Treefrog becomes popular on DeviantArt. I don't know if that's a threat or not. But this reminds me of that in a nice way.
Left on Spooky Treefrog by Kei Esteban
14th Oct 2019
Perfect for Halloween, this flesh golem Toby was created by Kei Esteban, the creator of Nakama Victory, and appropriately given to me in MY OCs as Monsters thread.

Thanks for your take on Toby, Kei!
Left on FrankenLectro by Kei Esteban