Brains:Legend of raging fire
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Last update: 28th Sep 2020, 9:00 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language
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Brains: Legend of raging fire is a fantasy comic.

A young can name Eric was always fascinated by an old Legends book. It foretold of a once existing Corporation which kept the corruption of the world at bay. The Corporation burned down and the goos ran wild. He and his best friend Daniel decide to find the lost corporation and unfold what's really been the cause of all this corruption.
Meanwhile, an evil force slumbers deep below only to be awoken by a peculiar prophecy. Will this be the start of yet another war?

**Comic may contain blood, gore death, and strong language.**
(also I'm bad at writing descriptions)


I have no idea what I'm doing...But I like drawing

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is he sherlock holmes
is he sherlock holmes
he feels very suspicious
well that escalated quickly
this comic looks beautiful so far(just found this btw)