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Legends of Candralar
A sci-fi/fantasy, action/adventure epic
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Candralar... A fantastic, different, and daring world steeped in mysticism and powered by advanced technology...

A spectacular place of limitless possibilities where adventure and danger lurk around every corner...

Legends of Candralar is a bold sci-fi/fantasy, action/adventure epic filled with beautifully detailed artwork and spellbinding storytelling on a grand scale. Featuring courageous heroes, tyrannical villains, and amazing sights on every page, Chad Ottens and ClickArt Studios bring you this exciting ongoing series.

The YouTube Channel Exploring Comics did a review of the series that you can check out here - Exploring Comics LoC Review

Legends of Candralar updates on Mondays.


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Tantz Aerine
Congrats for wrapping up the chapter! And they look like they'll be good allies for the Queen! I have a feeling she will soon be needing good people as she grows into that throne.
We move away from the Palace City this week to events happening elsewhere. If you remember back at the beginning of Book 4, there was a short Prologue - Pages 2-6. Today's Interlude takes us back to this dark forest...
Author Note
I see. I thought I'd ask because the first two definitions I came across at Urban Dictionary are clearly sexual in nature and I wanted to make sure we were talking comics and this wasn't some sort of internet booty call. :D
In this case it means "experiencing an urge to say something but (virtually) gritting your teeth and managing to not say/write it" :)
Thanks! I'm happy to see you check back in here! :)