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Terraria: The Legends of Utopia
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 9:00 PM
Number of comics: 96
Number of subscribers: 22
Visitors: 10359 visitors (42373 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.88 (64 votes)

Comic description

Imagine a perfect world. That world you imagined is Utopia. Nothing bad ever happened here. But of course, all things can't last forever.

When the Korpsion try to take over Utopia, it's up to a semi-skilled swordsman named Utopian, his wise brother Kyle, and the many friends they meet along the way to save it from certain doom!


I like making comics, playing video games, hanging out with friends, and other things!

I'm also trying to get better at HTML, but it's not going too well.

Most recent comments left on Terraria: The Legends of Utopia

Welp, I finally got Photoshop! Hooray! (Don't worry, I'm not gonna go overboard with the effects like I did in this comic :P)

I spent about a day learning how to do everything in this software, so hopefully I can make better comics like this.

I'll still use Paint.NET for the main part of the comic, but whenever I need a Photoshop effect, I'll use it.

Also, I need to stockpile a few comics so I can start making them smoothly again. I won't be posting any comics on Friday or Monday this week. Sorry, guys.

~ DestinyMason
Left on Now Using Photoshop!
2 days ago
I (sorta) wish I could say that there was some tragic life problem or that I was way too busy to work on the comic or something. The real reason is... I just forgot.

Comic'll come out tomorrow.

~ DM
Left on The Fight: Kyle vs Viscosilo, Part 2
2 days ago
Thanks for commenting!
Also, congratulations!
Left on The Fight: Kyle vs Viscosilo, Part 2
Huge fan (Guest)
3 days ago
I thought I would never be first, I loved this for a long time and finally got first!!!!!!!
Left on The Fight: Kyle vs Viscosilo, Part 2
4 days ago
On an unrelated note, thank you so much for 10,000 hits on my comic!


I never that my comic would ever get as much attention as it did. And it's all thanks to you guys. Without you, I would have given up on this comic a looong time ago. So thank you for sticking with me up until this point!

~ DM
Left on The Fight: Kyle vs Viscosilo, Part 2