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Let’s Go Now!
Alien siblings at war with each other.
Last update: 2nd May 2021, 12:53 PM
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A Sci-Fi and Fantasy comic for all ages. Unknowing and unexpected heroes are chosen to combat an ancient evil while unearthing the seeds of a forgotten past, finding themselves caught in a war as old as time and space itself!

Author’s note: As of April 4th, 2021 I did a massive page upload and now my comic updates one page a week!


Mary Goglia
I’m an artist looking for work in the comic industry. I specialize in all-ages comics and the genres I’m most passionate about are science fiction and fantasy.





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Keep it up massage from Future Comics would love to see more from you!!
Thanks! :D
You are very talented, I look forward to discussing your comic...great job!!!
Thanks so much, one of my goals is to have my comic be the next tmnt actually! :) I have more issues in print on Amazon! The fifth issue will be coming out in the beginning of June 2022!
This reminds me of the original ninja turtles. Very cool. I'm trying to piece it all together. I'm gonna have to wait and find out what the power orbs do! Keep up the good work Mary!

Ps. Alex was sweet. 🙂