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Webcomic profile: LibraryVerse
Updates whenever I finish a page.
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 2 days ago, 8:06 AM
Number of comics: 63
Number of subscribers: 19
Visitors: 3965 visitors (12089 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (31 votes)

Webcomic description

Welcome to LibraryVerse, a world where dreams and afterworld can be indistinguishable from reality. Hidden beneath the thin film of the real world sits the endless Aperture Planes, small universes created by the mind - and by the supernatural.

What truly makes a person real? In a world where reality and imagination can be indistinguishable, what determines what is true - and what is merely fantasy? Follow Verse, a budding Classic Lit instructor, as he navigates this strange world, finding new realities about himself along the way.

Contains some LGBT+ themes, possibly mild sexual themes. May contain violence, gore/mild body horror, and harsh language. Content may change in intensity as the story progresses.


Shad Geist || Trans dude who loves monsters || Game dev and hopeful comic author

Most recent comments left on LibraryVerse

2 days ago
I’d love a side comic! The process fascinates me.
Left on Verse - 61
2 days ago
Hi! Thanks for reading LibraryVerse so far!

I’ve been updating more often than I was able to during the semester, which is cool and I like it. However, I may slow down juuuust a bit, because I have some other endeavors (such as studying Japanese before going there next year) and mental health to address. In no way am I stopping, just slowing my comicking speed a tad bit to toss in a bit more of necessary life stuff.

But also I’m an ambitious little bastard, so that said, I’ll keep powering through. Part 1 is fully scripted out, and so is quite a bit of what comes next.

A small query for you all: would you be interested in a small side “comic” of bonus content? Not actually a comic, but a collection of things such as concepts, character sheets, illustrations, etc that I make during the process? If so, let me know!
Left on Verse - 61
3 days ago
Page sixty babey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I worked unnecessarily hard on the shipping containers in this page, as I tend to do for setting intro pages/panels

Left on Verse - 60
8 days ago
The painting’s maker also likes them quite a lot! :D
Left on Verse - 53
9 days ago
Hopefully-unnecessary disclaimer: characters in this comic may have many varying viewpoints and I do not share all of them, that would be hella difficult.

I doubt that anyone would think I am trying to sell my Thoughts About God, but in case someone is reading this comic and is uncomfortable with the mentions of God thus far: despite sharing the setting of Earth, this story is not meant to be in Our World. Please keep a perception of the characters' philosophies inside the webcomic universe at all times and keep your seatbelt on until the ride has come to a complete stop.
Left on Verse - 54