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Welcome to LibraryVerse, a world where dreams and afterworld can be indistinguishable from reality. Hidden beneath the thin film of the real world sits the endless Aperture Planes, small universes created by the mind - and by the supernatural.

What truly makes a person real? In a world where reality and imagination can be indistinguishable, what determines what is true - and what is merely fantasy? Follow Verse, a budding Classic Lit instructor, as he navigates this strange world, finding new realities about himself along the way.

Contains some LGBT+ themes, possibly mild sexual themes. May contain violence, gore/mild body horror, and harsh language. Content may change in intensity as the story progresses.


Shad Geist || Trans dude who loves monsters || Game dev and hopeful comic author

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Miu! an update~! woo \o/
Hello, please ignore the time between updates
Brain went oopsie. My bad
Author Note
Please don't pay any attention to the upload date between this and the last one too hard...

I have to admit - world events for the past year and a half kinda threw a loop in to writing this part. Later planned bits of this part felt kind of insensitive after some of what the world has been through lately - and maybe that was just me being self conscious, but it really ground my drive for creating pages down to a halt. For a long time, I couldn't come to a satisfactory conclusion and it was just stressful drafting pages when I wasn't sure where I was going.

However - while I am still ironing it out, I took some time to figure out what I want to be told in this part and how and I have a much better grasp of how to get there.

To those who have stuck around - thank you, truly. The next few pages might be a bit slow still, as I'm still trying to smooth things out and direct the plot where it needs to go, but I am not giving up on this comic - there is a lot I want to tell with it and this part in particular I really need to make sure is as smooth as possible because a lot of important things are set up in it.

As for what - you'll have to find out! But thank you for waiting, both now and in the future. You're awesome. B)
Author Note
\o/ Woo! A thing!