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Life of Alexis Perkins
The life of a trans girl just trying to get by.
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Violent Content Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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An LGBT comic about a girl named Alexis Perkins who is a young trans girl who also struggles with Asperger's Syndrome - a form of Autism. The story is about her senior year of high school and possibly beyond. The story tells her story through the eyes of her and her friends. It tells of the ups and downs of her life, including the prejudice she faces from those she should have been able to trust most to accept her.

The story features the authoresses attempt to show a plethora of lesser known orientations (such as Quoiromantic/sexual, demiromantic/sexual, aromantic/sexual, etc.) and thus will feature a heavy amount of non-straight characters. It also features strong language, sexual themes, nudity, and possible triggering scenes. The comic also features both religious and anti-religious tones. The comic is rated PG-13 at the low end, but is likely higher, near a possible R rating due to some events that will be featured in the comic.

Viewer discretion is advised. The authoresses of the comic do not take responsibility for someone being triggered, upset, or offended by the comic.


I'm a random person who likes to draw comics.

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Gotta say, I for one have been loving this latest scene. John seems like a really cool guy, and he and Alison are both strong enough (personality-wise) to play off each other really well. Definitely one of the more realistic couples I've seen in webcomics. You should totally write more chapters with them together in the future!
Aww, how cute are they? John and Alison are a couple I love writing. It's too bad it's taken 13 chapters before I've gotten to write them, and even 16 chapters in (where I am at in writing), I still only got to write them together for just one chapter.
Author Note
John recommends a Wizards tournament for Alison's party. Seems, though, that Alison isn't really interested in that.
Author Note
Go to an arcade! It's just like playing games, only it's expensive!

... also it's more work for Sara to draw all the game consoles in the background!
A simple page with a simple bit of conversation between John and Alison.
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