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The real-life adventures of a very unique cat, Dedee, her non-binary Mom, and her loving Auntie. Every panel is hand-drawn, pencil-on-paper and based off of actual events.


Professional writer and Digital Marketing Consultant, Dedee's Mom has been recording Dedee's antics on social media for years. At the behest of others, they have turned these adventures into a webcomic.

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Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate!
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She came in screaming "AAAAAAA" so we proceeded to argue with each other, me in English and her in cat-screams, until she finally joined me on the bed to cuddle me.
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I walked into my room like "oh boy, she's calling me for a cuddle" and then Auntie and I started laughing when we realized she just wanted to admire us from afar.
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Sometimes her messages are really long and Auntie and I just stare at each other in amused confusion.
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Thankfully it was just the flu.
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