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A webcomic about 2 girls discovering a magical planet named Lunus and have to find a wanted criminal that's gone for 400 years. Though that's not the only thing they should worry about.
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Graphic Violence / Gore
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Comic series about 2 girls finding a magical alien planet named Lunus. But the main character Mari, gets a task from the Priot king to find a criminal that has not been found for a very long time. With the help of her friends, she'll try to search far and wide, but mystery and hardships wait patiently for Mari.


⚠️Comic includes gore



I'm simply a 22 year old with a dream to turn my webcomic Lightbound into a animated series on my youtube channel !

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Note: This cover is actually animated! to see it, click HERE

Thank you all for reading until now! i'm very happy i've got to get this far. From this chapter on, the story will actually begin and i can't wait to satisfy my readers with more Lightbound!

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