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Webcomic profile: Lincoln's Nightmare
Lincoln's Nightmare
The story centers on the destructiveness of political ideology and the family.
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Language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 20th Jul 2018, 5:00 PM
Number of comics: 50
Number of subscribers: 2
Visitors: 1270 visitors (3033 pages viewed)
Rating: 3.5 (4 votes)

Webcomic description

No empire lasts forever, not even America. In 2024, The US voluntarily dissolved into four separate countries each of a different ideological persuasion. Millions were forced to leave their homes and relocate. Violence and misery ensued. This is the story of a woman who travels through this wreckage to save her niece, only to encounter such bigotry and ignorance which finally drives her to a horrifying conclusion.


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27th Jul 2018
25th Jul 2018
I also have been reading your Birdman series (one of my favorite movies ever). I will be reading that and B.E.

Yes, this clown in the White house makes a mockery of us all. I have a new series coming soon which deals with this as well. Would love your thoughts on it when it is up and running.
Left on Lincoln's Nightmare Page 50 THIS IS THE LAST PAGE!!
23rd Jul 2018
Having seen your comments on B.E., I thought it was time I got back to this...only to find it finished . The comment "far-fetched" gets used regularly...but this dour little tale falls into the "near-fetched" category, especially while the Mango-nian Candidate is in the White House
Left on Lincoln's Nightmare Page 50 THIS IS THE LAST PAGE!!
20th Jul 2018
This is it! The last page! I am taking a hiatus and putting together my new comic. Thanks to those that actually read this comic and paid attention to it, I cannot tell you happy it made me to have some readers.

Admittedly, the ending to this is bleak. Art imitates life. Inspired by Arthur Schopenhauer.

Caption boxes throughout the page:

She heard bits and pieces of the story. The Mid-West and South invaded Alaska for the oil reserves and established a close partnership with the Russian government, who were permitted in Alaska as well. The West Coast and Northeast begrudgingly acquiesced, but led secret talks with their European and Asian Allies. Rumor had it that it was only a matter time before the third world war.

And then it finally happened. She let the nuclear breeze wash over and cleanse her. There was no new birth of freedom, the government by the people and for the people, with God watching, did perish. And in the process, this government enslaved its people with stupidity and ideology, the people became clowns with guns and ideas.

And perhaps it was fitting and proper that the end occurred on Easter Sunday. She was finally saved.
Left on Lincoln's Nightmare Page 50 THIS IS THE LAST PAGE!!
18th Jul 2018
First panel, caption box: She watched as John was beaten

Second panel, caption box: She watched as John took his last breath

Third panel: She heard Marie's little neck snap as the guard violently threw her into the car.
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