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A couple of lousy punks navigate through life with help from copious amounts of drugs. Fever-dream surrealism creeps in as they struggle to stay afloat.

Psychological stuff, existential dread, and here's all the shit that's been in here or might show up later: drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness talk, suicide, self-harm, abuse, disordered eating, body horror, dysphoria.

Updates every fuckin' Thursday.


spike vacant
spike vacant
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Speedy and Darby should wait until they feel strong enough to come out. It may be too risky if they don't have a lot of allies or friends.

On the other hand, guys who notice they spend a great deal of time together probably judge them as gay as a convenient excuse to bully somebody.
spike vacant
good! sometimes I hear people talking shit about how we need to quit it with the flags and "shoving it in people's faces" but when I see pride flags hung up I think hey there's a place where I probably won't get shouted at or stabbed or anything

Speedy and Darby haven't had the chance to come out to anyone. seems like they want to.

sometimes it's like ripping the band-aid off and making someone cut you out of their life all in one go instead of little by little
spike vacant
thank you :)
I was having dinner with some old family friends whom I knew all my life. They were devote Methodists, but socially liberal people. They spoke of how there was a full-meeting of the congregation to discuss if the church should be a Welcoming church. There were comments from both sides of the issue. Now, this is in a slightly conservative town of about 130,000.

At one point in the meeting, three members of the congregation came out in close succession.

This was years ago. Now I see Pride flags outside of a lot of Methodist Churches.
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