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Last update: 1st Dec 2019, 2:53 AM
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Lintier is the continuing story of the elves of Schloeffelonia and everyone they stumble across. To read the first story in this series, read Lint.


I'm a webcomic creator who does stuff! I'm actually a musician in real life, but online I masquerade as a vigilante artist! No one will ever know the truth, because no one ever reads profiles!

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Looks like it's elsewhere on webcomic.ws: http://lint.webcomic.ws/archive/
I would love to know where LinT is too because memories are a wonderful thing.
Regarding your old web page:

Maybe you should add some warnings in prominent places and you definitely should remove links to your old website's URL;
The provider apparently is reusing the URL for a dubious site which I would recommend to open only with all security shields up.
This is a common manoeuvre to get high ranking from lingering links to that URL, and in some cases to catch unwary people for malware infection.
Ha, infinite scroll is overrated (not only for comics). Can be nice for some sort of styling, but there are loads of other layouts and formats which are nice too, (e.g. panelled pages). Also infinite scroll heavily restricts, e.g. no mingled wide-screen anymore, or no width at all.

And there is no benefit in converting panels to scroll: Even a complete redraw does not really work, a complete retelling with new storybording would be needed - gargantuan work for no real gain; panelled pages are just fine.

Don't fret over the humor, or the comics in general; your storytelling in Lint and Lintier is a nice mix of gags, adventure, epic, and several other things. Certainly you can do many things better now than in the past, and maybe you just want to try new things, but that does not invalidate the old stuff.

Anyway, have fun with new things :)