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Comic profile: Lintier
Because fluff
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 3rd Aug 2018, 2:11 PM
Number of comics: 179
Number of subscribers: 36
Visitors: 96289 visitors (461165 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.99 (150 votes)

Comic description

Lintier is the continuing story of the elves of Schloeffelonia and everyone they stumble across. To read the first story in this series, read Lint.


I'm a webcomic creator who does stuff! I'm actually a musician in real life, but online I masquerade as a vigilante artist! No one will ever know the truth, because no one ever reads profiles!

Most recent comments left on Lintier

Piiec (Guest)
10 days ago
Hmm, this is probably going to turn into that story where the queen tells a thousand stories to stop herself from being killed by the crazy king guy, isn't it?
Left on Cliffhanger
29th Aug 2018
Interesting idea! I didn't want to write the rest of the Lint/Lintier plot in prose, but may eventually do so.
Left on Webtoon: Scenes From the Library
29th Aug 2018
Sorry, I just saw this!
Yes, the original Lint and Lintier will remain in its original form here on ComicFury. Thanks for liking it!
Left on Webtoon: Scenes From the Library
Swirly (Guest)
24th Aug 2018
Just wanted to check, are you planning to maintain a copy of the original Lint? It may sound cheesy but I really wouldn't change a single thing about it. Lint has been a real treasure for me as I've read and re-read it over the years.
Left on Webtoon: Scenes From the Library
spas (Guest)
23rd Aug 2018
"another suggestion: NanoWriMo"
I want to know that Fang does not win the Love Triangle! Your written prose is always good!
Left on Webtoon: Scenes From the Library