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Will these three little adventurers ever make it back home?
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When the doll-people Tiny and Tally go through a mysterious door, they get trapped along with Mani in a place called the Wanderway. They learn that the only way to get home is to collect three powerful hidden artifacts. As they avoid getting possessed by doorweavers, and meet the people of Wanderway, they wonder if they will ever get to return home.


Local demon back at it again

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this comic is very cute i love your art style! you draw very good expressions! im excited to see where this goes :)
In this page tiny goes through a doorway and it is revealed that they lived inside a wall of a house that is much bigger than them. I didn't make it super clear in the comic, and I'm going to remake this page eventually to be more clear.
Author Note
I started out making the pages in scroll format only, and then started making them in page format later on. So don't worry it won't be scroll format forever. I plan to eventually remake some of the earlier pages when I get to it!
Author Note